My aim is to capture beautiful images of your pet in an environment that they find natural and comfortable.  The true character and personality of an animal shows through best when they are relaxed and content.  Whether this is in your home on a favorite chair or bounding around at the local park, we can capture beautiful and eye catching images of your best friends that you can treasure forever.

I love animals and I really enjoy working with them.  They certainly aren’t the easiest subjects to photograph, but it is very rewarding to capture images of these wonderful companions and it’s always fun for everyone involved.  Often the best shots come when the animals go off script and start doing their own thing, rather than trying to make them conform to a particular pose.  That being said, formal portraits are certainly an option if that is something that interests you.  If you would like to be in the portrait with your pet, we can do that as well. Whatever you have in mind for the images of your pet, contact me and we can discuss all of the options and create a memorable shoot specifically for your best friend.